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Home and Building Automation

Duemmegi is an Italian leading company in home and building automation established in Milan in 1992. The Milan headquarters hosts the administration department, the operational facilities, the sales and marketing department and the logistics. Duemmegi also operates in Europe and the Far East.

Duemmegi is one of the few Italian specific-product companies, that designs and manufactures its components and software for home and business automation in Italy, boasting state-of-the-art technology and ISO-9001 certification.

Relying on Duemmegi means choosing the best partner for both home and building automation solutions, combining daily activities with simple but powerful systems in order to lower the costs and maximize the potential of your business or home.

For customers looking for home and building automation system solutions, Duemmegi is the most reliable and trusted choice, with a strong list of more than three million products sold over 30 years of experience gained directly on the field, and a very low percentage of products repaired under warranty (only 0.1% in the last 6 years).
Duemmegi’s goal is to make the most of its technological investments through continuous evolution geared towards the competitiveness of its solutions.

All products are manufactured with a focus on reliability, ease of installation and maintenance, while maintaining a high level of integration with other systems.

Duemmegi’s focus goes beyond the design and supply of the best home & building automation systems, it is also providing the best support to its customers with a dedicated technical office, a service that is part of the dynamic and flexible organization of the company.


What we do

Soluzioni di Domotica per case private

Automation systems for home, private villas, apartments, and whole apartment buildings. Duemmegi designs and manufactures home systems for household control and operation: from alarm systems to lighting control.

Building Automation per Negozi e Centri Commerciali

Duemmegi implements building automation solutions for commercial structures, such as stores, showrooms, and malls to manage air-conditioning and lighting systems, reduce energy costs, and control video surveillance systems.

Soluzioni di Domotica per Uffici e Coworking

Automation systems for office and coworking facilities helps create a high-performance smart building that can improve comfort, energy efficiency, and safety of the working environment for employees and customers alike.

Soluzioni di Building Automation per Ospedali e RSA

Professional supervision solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare residences. Our solutions integrate with all controlled elements, ensuring the highest degree of performance. Customizable to meet the specific needs of the facility.

Building Automation per Edifici Scolastici

The Duemmegi Building Automation Solution addresses the growing need to design smart school buildings and sports centers that ensure maximum energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and customization. Everything controlable also through BMS.

Building Automation per Banche e Filiali Bancarie

Duemmegi technology for banks increases safety, energy efficiency, and comfort for all staff and building occupants. Our solution enables the creation of buildings with advanced technology that provides systems able to monitor, manage, and control all areas.

Building Automation per il Terziario

Implementing a building automation project for industries or the tertiary sector means having the opportunity to take full advantage of Duemmegi technology in order to control and monitor the parameters of various sensors and increase the system performance.

Building Automation per Monumenti ed Edifici a Carattere Storico

Duemmegi develops automation solutions for monument and infrastructure management. This means a more efficient, less costly and safer management of churches, temples, castles, historical buildings, museums, and theaters.

Building Automation per Logistiche

Duemmegi implements solutions for the automation of logistics buildings and waste sites, providing access control, lighting management and control, energy consumption control, and much more, allowing the achievement of high levels of security and energy savings.

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