Aurora Smart Switches by Duemmegi: Hi-Tech in a Few Millimeters

16 April 2024
AURORA smart switches

Duemmegi’s Aurora home automation smart switches serve as the ideal control panel for effortlessly managing an advanced home automation system. These innovative devices allow smart control of the entire automation system through a simple touch. The elegant design of Aurora switches seamlessly integrates the latest technology in smart homes, offering complete customization of aesthetic finishes.

With an ultra-thin profile measuring just a few millimeters, Aurora smart switches incorporate capacitive touch technology, ensuring intuitive and efficient interaction. The keypad, which can be completely separated from the electronics, enables the highest degree of customization, meeting the most stringent standards of design and functionality.

As a result, users will enjoy an advanced and intelligent control experience of the entire home automation system, enhancing the level of comfort and safety within their homes.

Smart Home Control Systems: Introducing Aurora, the Innovative Solution from Duemmegi

Smart switches play a crucial role in home automation systems, providing an advanced solution to streamline smart and personalized home management. Aurora home automation smart switches deliver an optimal comfort and control experience, emphasizing automation control of lights and blinds. Additionally, they offer technologically advanced features, including dimming and lighting scenarios.

These multifunction smart switches enable easy management of the smart home’s indoor and outdoor systems, including the command and control of:

  • Lighting systems,
  • Motorizations,
  • Temperature adjustment and other functionalities.

With Aurora smart switches, users enjoy the flexibility to activate customized scenarios, craft thematic environments with coordinated lights and sounds for moments of relaxation or morning awakening and establish advanced security modes whether away from home or resting at night.

The integration of smart switches significantly contributes to improve living comfort, embodying an approach that seamlessly combines elegance, practicality, and extreme ease of use.

Smart Home Controls

Smart Switch Design and Customization: Aurora Uniqueness with Intuitive Elegance

Duemmegi’s Aurora multifunction smart switches stand as a pioneering solution in the realm of smart home control systems. Notably, they offer a distinctive advantage: the electronics are entirely separate from the finish support. Concentrating the most cutting-edge technology within just a few millimeters of thickness, these switches provide the added benefit of customizable aesthetics.Users can alter the finish’s look at any time without the need for system intervention, showcasing a harmonious blend of technological innovation and aesthetic flexibility.

As integral components of the latest generation of home automation systems, Aurora smart switches emerge as essential elements. Crafted from high-quality materials and showcasing removable finishes for easy upgrades, these devices stand out as refined design objects, providing an advanced solution for enthusiasts of smart home systems.

Each Aurora smart switch offers full customization options, allowing users to personalize the finish, colors, number and type of icons, and lighting combinations. The range of finishes, each distinguished by features of versatility, elegance, and robustness, includes:

  • High quality laminates,
  • Glass,
  • Steel.

The switches are available in 2-, 4-, or 6-button designs, offering users the flexibility to choose from several dozen style icons or customize their design by providing a vector file when booking (tempered glass finish only). This option, combined with the refined, classic, or trendy colors, ensures each switch is unique. It reflects individual preferences, integrating discreetly and harmoniously into any home environment.

The flexibility of choice also extends to the lighting combinations, made possible by the various RGB LEDs integrated into the Aurora switches.

  • Backlighting illuminates the switch frame in the desired color during sleep mode
  • The feedback light instantly provides visual feedback when a button is activated, offering the option of color customization on each button (independent button configuration)
  • The luminous glare on the wall, created by two RGB LEDs on each side, provides the opportunity to craft evocative atmospheres. It can act as a step marker or be associated with specific scenarios.

The Aurora residential series also encompasses coordinated outlets and thermostats.

With a diverse range of finishes and the versatility and elegance of the materials used, Aurora’s home automation switches stand out as leading solutions for home automation. They contribute to the creation of sophisticated, functional, and technologically advanced environments, enhancing overall home comfort.

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Aurora Smart Switches by Duemmegi: Hi-Tech in a Few Millimeters

Duemmegi's Aurora home automation smart switches serve as the ideal control panel for effortlessly managing an advanced home automation system. These innovative devices allow smart control of the entire automation…

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