Domino Home Automation Features

6 March 2024
Domino Home Automation Features

Smart home automation transforms home management, ensuring maximum comfort in every room while optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste. Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in building home and professional automation systems, Duemmegi offers its innovative solutions through the Domino system. Technologically advanced and remarkably user-friendly, these features deliver an unparalleled user experience, creating a customizable home automation system. With Domino home automation, you can always have your systems under control, adjust them optimally, and manage all automations for comfortable, safe, and optimized living environments.

A Smart, Sustainable and Safe Home with Duemmegi and the Domino system

Duemmegi’s Domino system is a solution with a potentially unlimited number of functions, catering to those envisioning the design and implementation of a smart home. Domino, based on bus technology, offers several significant advantages:

  • Simplified wiring
  • Reduced installation time and cost compared to a traditional automation system
  • Ability to implement and modify an almost unlimited number of functions without physical intervention on the circuits, as the connection is solely at the programming level
  • Remote system control of all functions
  • Integration capabilities with other systems, such as the video surveillance equipment, allowing the activation of specific scenarios in the event of a break-in
  • Distributed logic that ensures, in case of a module failure, it does not impact the operation of the entire system
  • Accurate self-diagnostics of the system, contributing to its reliability and maintenance efficiency.

All these features collectively position Duemmegi Domino as an ideal choice for crafting smart homes. Residing in a smart home translates to living in a space that is not only comfortable and secure but also sustainable in consumption management, with the added benefit of remote control. The overarching goal is to streamline home life, enhancing indoor comfort, and fostering greater well-being on multiple levels.

The Duemmegi Domino automation system empowers users with:

  • Automated air conditioning and lighting management
  • Enhanced energy efficiency through home automation
  • Tailored home automation scenarios
  • Automation of garden and terrace irrigation
  • Remote control capabilities for home automation
  • Seamless integration with security systems.
Domino Home Automation Features

Temperature Control: Maximum Comfort, Minimum Waste

By employing thermostats or sensors strategically positioned throughout the house, the Duemmegi Domino system ensures precise and efficient control of temperature and humidity in every area. This results in comfortable rooms maintained at optimal temperatures throughout the year. The automated and personalized management of thermoregulation not only enhances comfort but also contributes to reduced energy consumption. Customization features enable users to tailor operating parameters, setpoints, and time slots according to their preferences and specific requirements.

Professional and Home Lighting Management: Optimized Lighting at all Times of the Day

Duemmegi’s Domino home automation system offers precise control over lighting in every home environment, providing customization options tailored to individual tastes and needs. The system allows for the automation of artificial lighting, with dimmable and adjustable features that respond to natural light levels and coordinating with automatic adjustments of blinds and shutters This ensures optimal comfort throughout the day, efficient lighting management, cost containment in energy consumption, and a reduction in waste.

Home Automation Energy Efficiency and Load Control: Stop Waste and Blackouts

Duemmegi systems offer the ability to monitor the energy consumption of a plant on a daily, monthly, or annual basis, thereby facilitating careful resource management. For those who own a second home, it is possible to adjust the temperature remotely, eliminating unnecessary waste and ensuring complete independence.

Load control, on the other hand, is a valuable function of the home automation system that can manage all appliances simultaneously active on the power grid. Through dedicated programming, the home automation system allows customization of load control to avoid unexpected blackouts. The system will deactivate sensitive loads, according to a user-chosen order, once the consumption threshold limit is reached. Then, in real time and in the same order of priority, the system will reactivate the loads when capacity is available again.

Home Automation Scenarios: All Possible Customization, for a Tailor-Made Home

Home automation scenarios offer maximum creative freedom, allowing users to create preset environments with dynamic music and light setups for every specific need, easily recalled with a simple touch. For instance, you can create a “coming home” scenario that welcomes the homeowner with relaxing music, soft lights, and optimal temperature, all fully automated. Scenarios are pre-set configurations that can be summoned with a simple press of a button or through a mobile device, eliminating the need to set it up from scratch each time. In this perspective, home automation provides complete flexibility, enabling users to tailor the home environment to their unique desires and needs in a wholly personalized manner.

Automated Garden Irrigation: Smart Watering for Lush Terraces and Gardens

Duemmegi’s smart automatic irrigation system enables you to program the time slot for watering, blocking the flow of water in case of rain or increasing it in case of high drought, thanks to the data acquired by the small integrated weather station. This ensures water savings and optimal care of the garden or terrace, even if no one is home to attend to it. Control can be fully automated, both locally and remotely.

Remote Control via Smartphone: Everything at Your Fingertips, Anywhere in the World

A smart home designed with the Duemmegi Domino system makes it easy to manage your home, navigate between rooms, and interact with the installed home automation from anywhere, at any time. To control and manage your system remotely, you only need to install a dedicated app based on your smartphone’s operating system or access a web app with any device equipped with a browser and connected to the Internet. The web app is simple, intuitive to use, customizable, and specifically designed by Duemmegi for each home automation system.

Integration with Security Systems for a Home That is Always Under Control

The video surveillance system of your home can seamlessly integrate into the Duemmegi Domino solution, ensuring the utmost security around the clock. Whether locally, via voice assistant, or entirely remotely, you can engage volumetric, planimetric, and zone alarms, taking control of both the interior and exterior of your home by activating surveillance cameras.

Home automation functions for the smart home empower users to manage and optimize various aspects of their daily home life. As a pioneering company in home automation since 1992, Duemmegi offers innovative solutions like the Domino system, enhancing the home environment for increased comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

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