Domino Smart Home: Seamless Automation for an Always Connected Home

26 March 2024
Smart Home - Home Automation Duemmegi

Domino, a flagship solution by Duemmegi, is an integrable home automation system that also can apply to non-residential system. With Domino, you can create a fully connected home, enabling control over all systems and functions from anywhere. Duemmegi’s Domino solutions not only build a smart home but also facilitate remote control, making it easy to navigate between home environments and interact with the automation system even when you’re away.

The Duemmegi connected home empowers you to manage your residence effortlessly, even when you’re away.

Domino home automation not only enables you to control lights and blinds but also provides a range of advanced features. Through remote web access from any browser-equipped device, you can:

  • Control your home temperature by turning it on, off, or making adjustments
  • Activate volumetric, planimetric, or total alarm systems for comprehensive protection
  • Monitor indoor and outdoor environments through surveillance cameras
  • Supervise children during the care of their nanny and monitor pets when away.

Remote control also allows you to:

  • Activate and manage predefined scenarios for optimizing home settings
  • Monitor smart home automations and track energy consumption on a daily, monthly, and annual basis
  • Efficiently adjust the irrigation system.

Domino Smart Home: simple and intuitive interfaces always at your fingertips — even remotely

The Duemmegi Home Automation system simplifies the management of every aspect of your home, ensuring connectivity even when you are away. Graphical interfaces provide complete control of the home automation system, accessible through a wall-mounted or remote touch screen. In remote mode, users have two options:

  • A dedicated app with a standard and intuitive graphical interface is available. Additionally, an optional graphical plug-in can be added to display the planimetric interface.
  • A customizable web app, tailored to the user’s home automation system, that originates from the home automation building industry. This professional system, accessible from any fixed or mobile device by entering the IP address in the browser, is secured and encrypted. It allows secure remote control from anywhere in the world, ensuring access even when a smartphone is not available.

Moreover, Domino by Duemmegi is an integrable home automation system. The second-level supervisory system enables interaction with various devices, including the video surveillance unit. The Duemmegi connected home provides an advanced level of automation and security, empowering you to maintain total control of your home from anywhere at any time.

smart home: l’automazione domestica per una casa sempre connessa

Domino Interoperability with Voice Assistant: No More Typing, Control Your Home Automation System with Your Voice

Duemmegi seamlessly integrates voice commands into its advanced home automation systems. With Domino home automation voice control, users enjoy an intuitive home experience, leveraging Voice Control and the Alexa Virtual Assistant to manage various aspects of their smart home.

This technology provides a virtually effortless alternative to manual input, allowing users to communicate directly with their smart home through clear and simple voice commands. Duemmegi’s Domino system seamlessly synchronizes with the voice assistant, enabling a smooth and natural dialogue to swiftly control various devices and functions.

For instance, if a slightly higher temperature is desired in the home, a simple voice command to the Virtual Assistant will instantly dispatch the necessary instructions to the temperature control system. The same ease applies to adjusting ambient lighting: dimming the lights is an instant process requiring only the utterance of a spoken command.

The convenience of using voice commands reaches its peak in the realm of entertainment. Want music while cooking? Simply ask the built-in voice assistant, and it will promptly interact with the home automation system to play your favorite songs without any need for manual intervention by the user.

Theintegration of the smart home voice assistant into Duemmegi’s Domino system enhances home automation management, streamlining a number of daily actions. It brings an unprecedented level of efficiency to the smart home, introducing automation and convenience that make it hard to imagine home life without.

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