Duemmegi Solutions for Smart and Sustainable Offices

21 November 2023
Duemmegi Solutions for Smart and Sustainable Offices

The growing emphasis on sustainable workplaces is prompting companies to seek automation solutions for offices and coworking facilities to enhance productivity and efficiency.

The positive impact on productivity and well-being of smart domotic systems in offices is widely acknowledged, as improved comfort for clients and employees fosters a positive and productive work environment.

Duemmegi’s systems elevate the quality and comfort for those who inhabit and work in offices and coworking spaces through tailor-made solutions specifically designed to address each individual need.

Smart Domotics for Offices and Coworking Facilities: All the Benefits of a Hi-Tech Workspace

Building Automation and a BMS (Building Management System) offer many advantages for offices and coworking spaces, including energy savings and waste reduction. Home automation solutions for smart and sustainable offices allow users to:

  • Optimize air conditioning in work environments and balance natural/artificial lighting to achieve maximum energy savings, visual comfort, and staff well-being.
  • Automatically activate an area or workspace only when it is occupied, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. Integration with Google Calendar allows the workspace to be activated only when booked and in use.
  • Customize workspaces with tailor-made parameters to maximize individual worker comfort.
  • Regulate entrances to the organization and access to restricted areas. Duemmegi smart office system allows flexible management of new work requirements related to smart working. Access control in offices and coworking spaces is completely automated, offering various options like keypad, biometric sensors, transponder and/or QRCode readers, and other cutting-edge technology. This streamlines the process for both the facility manager/owner and the client who rents the space.
  • Enable consumption monitoring in offices to ensure proper workspace efficiency and minimum energy waste, especially for spaces with fluctuating occupancy.
  • Facilitate complete remote control of working environments.

Workspace Optimization: Duemmegi Solutions for a State-of-the-Art Smart Office

Ensuring employee comfort is of utmost importance for productivity in any workplace. With Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems equipped with BMS, offices and coworking facilities can achieve:

  • Full control and optimization of environmental parameters, including air quality, VOCs, automated air changes, acoustic noise management, automatic indoor and outdoor sunscreens, illuminance level, and color temperature based on Human Centric Lighting (HCL) principles. This approach replicates the circadian rhythm, ensuring the well-being of occupants, and significantly increases the real estate value of offices, making them more attractive for renting to third parties.
  • A comprehensive control dashboard, both local and remote. Duemmegi’s BMS provides seamless remote control for all office and coworking facilities, allowing precise adjustments to reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfortable environments. It enables proactive power consumption management, promptly addressing anomalies, faults, and malfunctions to prevent disruptions and downtime. Additionally, the system covers security aspects, such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, fire alarms, and emergency lighting – all remotely accessible and controllable at any time.

Duemmegi’s Duelux DALI-2, Contatto, and Domino systems offer optimization for automated office management and control, especially in the context of the new reality of smart working, where more offices have employees without permanently assigned workspaces. These Building Automation systems ensure a high level of flexibility and can detect human presence through proximity and presence sensors or BLE beacons. This capability allows for the activation of customized parameters, ensuring comfort, low energy consumption, and minimized energy waste.

The remarkable customization options of Duemmegi’s systems also enable the activation of digital signage The signage directs them to various available facilities, such as various services, the gym, canteen, car rental, and more. This fosters an increasingly human-friendly and modern working environment, keeping pace with evolving needs.

Automasione Smart & Supervisione negli uffici e Coworking

Shared Space Management: Duemmegi at the Service of Smart Offices and Coworking Facilities

Intelligent lighting, resource monitoring, and optimized shared space management . are just three of the benefits attainable by equipping your office area with an automation system integrated with BMS.

Several well-known companies have already adopted home automation systems for their offices, including Duemmegi installations at E Towers Unipol in San Donato Milanese (MI), Kilometro Rosso (BG), Banca d’Italia headquarters in Frascati (RM), Telepass offices (MI), Fideuram Intesa San Paolo offices (MI), AXA MPS offices (Rome), BNP PARIBAS offices in Assago (MI), Accenture offices in Assago (MI), and many others.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing home automation systems for offices, Duemmegi offers tailor-made solutions to meet the unique requirements of technologically advanced, sustainable, and comfortable workspaces.

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