Hotel Domotics: Customizable Solutions from Duemmegi

7 November 2023
Smart Automation & Supervision in Hotels and B&BsStrutture Ricettive

In today’s diverse range of accommodation facilities, including hotels, B&Bs, student residences, and tourist residences, the installation of Building Automation systems managed by BMS (Building Management System) has become a key point. BMS stands as a powerful tool for not only reducing energy consumption but also ensuring comprehensive building control. With Building Automation systems enhanced by BMS, hospitality facilities can significantly improve their management capabilities while simultaneously enhancing guest welfare. Even more impressively, these systems grant facility managers the ability to maintain complete control over all aspects of the property’s facilities, even from remote locations.

Duemmegi’s BMS represents a cutting-edge technological system designed to centralize and streamline the management of various building functions. By establishing seamless communication with all equipment within the facility, this advanced system ensures the utmost in guest comfort, while simultaneously achieving substantial energy savings and promoting optimized, sustainable operating costs. One of the key strengths of Duemmegi’s BMS lies in its full customizability as an open system, which allows it to be tailored precisely to the unique needs of each individual accommodation facility.

Automation and Control Systems for the Hotel Industry: Duemmegi Solutions

Drawing on over 30 years of expertise in automation systems for hospitality facilities, Duemmegi offers an array of bespoke solutions tailored to meet every unique requirement. At the core of its offerings lies an open BMS (Building Management System) that seamlessly interfaces with existing systems and equipment within the facility.

With Duemmegi’s advanced solutions, highly personalized facility automation becomes a reality in the hospitality sector, ensuring unparalleled guest comfort while optimizing operational expenses and promoting energy-efficient practices. In particular, Duemmegi BMS for hotel supervision empower organizations to:

  • Control temperature and lighting: Duemmegi’s BMS can interact with all types of systems, from rooftops to VRFs and VRVs, ensuring precise temperature regulation throughout the facility. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of immersive lighting scenarios in rooms, pools, Spas, and public areas, enhancing guest comfort and ambiance.
  • Monitor all equipment in the facility, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Monitor air quality, ensuring a refreshing and heathy environment for guests in rooms, common areas, Spas/pools, and basement parking lots (if any).
  • Monitor power consumption, ensuring savings in operating costs, especially in these times of high energy prices.
  • Communicate with PMS (Property Management System): The BMS efficiently communicates with various Property Management Systems (PMS), whether from third-party providers or Duemmegi itself. For those seeking a complete solution, Duemmegi’s “Get Access for Hospitality System”, including PMS integration, proves invaluable.
  • Manage access control automation: Duemmegi’s advanced technology facilitates secure and convenient access control for guests, staff, and vendors through keypad, transponder readers, biometric sensors, QRCode readers, and more. This enables virtual front desk services and facilitates smart self-check-in options for hotels and B&Bs.
  • Improve safety: the BMS takes safety to new heights by overseeing critical systems such as smoke detection control panels, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, and CPSS for centralized emergency lighting.

Thanks to Duemmegi’s hotel automation solutions, energy consumption optimization is attainable even for large-scale facilities, such as resorts with multiple buildings or seasonal venues. These innovative solutions lead to more sustainable operating costs without compromising the comfort of guests and staff alike. In the context of student residences, Duemmegi offers complete and efficient automation solutions for access management in shared areas like parking lots, spas, and facility entrances. Notably, these solutions do not rely solely on transponders as access identifiers, resulting in significantly reduced management efforts and 24/7 staff presence.

Smart Automation & Supervision in Hotels and B&Bs

Energy-Saving Hotel Facilities: Duemmegi’s Support for Sustainable and Comfortable Hotels

With a Building Automation system tailored for hospitality facilities, seamless coordination of all installed technology becomes a reality. The primary advantage of such integration lies in achieving significant energy savings without compromising guest comfort. By incorporating presence sensors, room services can be fully automated, regulating indoor temperature, controlling lighting, and managing motorized shutters and blinds, among other functions. When a guest temporarily leaves the room, even for a dinner outing, the building automation system automatically switches to an “eco” mode. This intelligent feature ensures that heating or cooling systems do not operate unnecessarily if a window has been left open, thereby reducing wasteful energy consumption. Extending these energy-saving benefits, the same automation principles can be applied to common areas and the reception area, providing a holistic and sustainable approach throughout the hospitality facility.

In the realm of lighting management and temperature control for hotels and hospitality facilities, Duemmegi proudly boasts over 30 years of experience in providing tailor-made solutions to cater to every unique requirement. Our expertise in hotel automation systems has led to successful installations at various prestigious locations, such as the Valtur Cervinia Cristallo Ski Resort in Cervinia (AO), the Palazzina Grassi in Venice, the Hotel Continental in Santa Margherita Ligure, the Grande Albergo in Sestri Levante, the Hotel Don Pedro in Porto Ercole on the Argentario, the TH La Thuile Planibel Hotel in La Thuile (AO), the Best Western “La Perla” in Castel Volturno (CE), the Boscolo Hotel Exedra in Milan, the Masseria “Il Santissimo” in Putignano (BA), the Terme Mioni Pezzato in Abano Terme (PD), the Marriot Hotel in Ghent (Belgium), the Holiday Inn in Florence, the Residenza Academy U. C. Sampdoria in Bogliasco (GE), the Hotel Novarello Resort & Spa and dozens of other hotels and accommodations, as well as numerous Student Residences, including the Collegio di Milano and the Residenza Universitaria Viscontea in Milan.

The advantages of embracing automation in hotels and bed and breakfast establishments are unquestionable, encompassing two core aspects: remote facility management and energy efficiency. At our company, we support owners, designers, installers, and managers in their quest to establish sustainable and comfortable accommodations. Our mission is centered around providing bespoke Duemmegi solutions tailored to meet each unique requirement.

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