DUELUX and the New DALI-2 Standard

17 February 2023

DUELUX DALI-2 Bus System: What it is and what it’s for

Duemmegi’s DUELUX Bus System for Lighting Automation provides an easy and convenient way to manage the lighting of different rooms and areas, individual lights or lighting groups. Based on the international DALI-2 standard, it enables engineers and installers to leverage all the advantages of the new protocol for professional, efficient lighting automation without the need of costly installation work.

What is DALI-2 lighting?

What is the DALI interface? Technically, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a non-proprietary international digital interface standard-compliant with IEC EN62386. As of 2014, DALI-2 has been its evolution. It is a protocol created specifically for lighting that enables digital control of light sources. Compared to DALI, a standard established in the late 1990s that has since spread widely in the first decade of this millennium, DALI-2 greatly enhances its potential while simplifying the system architecture. DALI-2 is the optimal solution for the design and implementation of Lighting Automation systems in nonresidential buildings and for lighting management in the common areas of residential buildings.

The great advantage of DALI-2 lies in its streamlined structure, that simplifies and reduces the cost of implementing a digital lighting control system.

Duemmegi has launched the new DALI-2-certified DUELUX Bus System which enables automatic lighting control systems in new buildings and easy lighting reconfiguration and energy efficiency in existing buildings.

In the design/installation of a building’s Lighting Automation, the DALI-2 Bus Systems such as the Duemmegi’s DUELUX System on a single 2-wire bus cable make it possible to connect not only lighting fixtures with DALI-2 or DALI drivers, but also:
  • DALI-2 Controller.
  • Input modules for connecting push buttons and switches.
  • DALI-2 wireless receiver modules for connecting Enocean wireless and battery-less pushbuttons.
  • DALI-2 brightness and presence sensors, brightness and motion sensors (DALI-2 sensor, DALI light sensors).
  • 2 relays DALI-2 actuator modules.
  • DALI dimmer control lamps.
  • 2 relays DALI-2 actuator modules for motor control.

Before the rise of DALI-2, only DALI lamps could be connected on the same bus in a lighting system. The resulting architecture, therefore, was more complex and more expensive because it required two buses (and a DALI gateway) to operate. Today, thanks to the DALI-2 protocol, only one bus cable is needed. This creates a leaner, more efficient and cost-effective Lighting Automation system.

With the DALI-2 System, everything is simpler and cheaper

The DALI-2 system is the winning choice when implementing professional Lighting Automation systems. And not only in lighting design for new buildings. DALI wiring is also an excellent solution choice when upgrading existing buildings. In fact, the new DALI-2 version ensures full compatibility with existing DALI fixtures implemented according to the first edition of the standard.

In addition, DALI-2 (and specifically the DUELUX DALI-2 bus system) is easily scalable to create a complete, efficient, and low-cost automation system. Finally, the DALI-2 controller can be quickly configured without the need to write any lines of code.

DALI-2 represents a remarkable evolution and simplification in the field of Lighting Automation and Building Automation in general.

With the new DALI-2 protocol, the set of DALI commands is enhanced with new features while the functionality implemented by lighting devices is further expanded. New innovative Device Types are defined and the “Multi-master” architecture is introduced, allowing multiple information-enabled master devices to be included in a DALI-2 System.

In addition to being cost-effective, Duemmegi’s DALI-2 DUELUX system is quick to install and can be integrated with a Building Automation system. This results in a complete BMS to control all building systems, with an efficient architecture that is more streamlined and less expensive than a traditional Building Automation system.

Designing a new building or upgrading and improving the efficiency of an existing one requires focus and commitment. In the domain of DALI lighting control, Duemmegi is your ideal 100% Made in Italy partner, providing solutions that are highly customizable and tailored to your specific needs.


Did you know that February 18th is the International Energy Saving Day?

Established in 2005 to celebrate the Kyoto Protocol, it was created with the purpose of making people think about the environmental impact of our consumptions and to promote energy reduction. Duemmegi has always been committed to contributing to sustainable and environment-friendly development, and the new DALI-2 DUELUX system is a practical way to achieve this goal, also in existing buildings through relamping measures.

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