DUELUX DALI-2 bus system A valuable tool for obtaining Building Sustainability Certifications.

28 March 2023
Sistema bus DUELUX DALI-2.

Today’s housing market is focused on one key concept: the environmental sustainability of buildings. There are many standards that certify the energy efficiency of buildings: WELL, BREEAM, ENVISION, just to mention a few. However, the most widely used standard today is LEED, although the WELL standard is beginning to become popular, especially for certifying the living comfort of rooms.

Through these certifications, buildings become more market-competitive. The report “The Business Case for Green Buildings” (World Green Building Council 2013) states that a building with a sustainability certification can increase its value based on multiple factors:

  • Growth in rent and/or sale price.

  • Reduced operating costs through energy savings.

  • Increased employee productivity.

  • Risk mitigation.

As a result, any company constructing a new building or upgrading an existing one aims to certify the building per one or more of these standards, especially in the case of nonresidential buildings such as:

  • Office facilities

  • Schools and universities

  • Industrial environments

  • Logistics and warehouses

  • Hospitals, nursing homes

  • Research centers and so on

Building sustainability: Certifications are key to property value

The real-estate market is very sensitive to certifications. Research conducted by Rebuild Italia, in collaboration with CBRE and GBCI Europe, estimated the impact of LEED certification by taking a sample of buildings of the tertiary sector in the central area of Milan. The results showed that the market distinguishes the specific quality of LEED certification, with an estimated 7% to 11% increase in value compared to properties without certification..

The benefits of sustainability certification are unquestionable. The design requirements of a sustainable building, however, are not only about the availability of a building automation system, but also about an automatic dimming system.

Duemmegi can provide a complete smart lighting solution in line with current regulations which is a valuable tool for achieving Building Sustainability Certifications.

In fact, Duemmegi’s new DALI-2 certified DUELUX Bus System enables automatic lighting control systems in new buildings, as well as energy efficiency upgrades in existing ones. The result is a valuable tool for achieving Building Sustainability Certifications by promoting energy efficiency and sustainable lighting while also increasing their market value.

Duemmegi DALI-2 Save your Energy

Duemmegi's DUELUX DALI-2: Innovating the low impact construction sector

Sustainable construction and energy efficiency are two goals that are easily achieved through the implementation of smart lighting and building automation systems based on the DALI-2 standard. An energy-efficient building is not only more comfortable for those who live in it, but it also offers lower operating costs while preserving (and increasing) its market value over time.

The new DALI-2 certified DUELUX Bus System from Duemmegi enables automatic lighting control systems in new buildings and easy lighting retrofitting and energy efficiency in existing ones.

When lighting automation is designed and installed in a building, DALI-2 Bus Systems on a single 2-wire bus cable can be used to connect:

  • Lighting fixtures with DALI-2 or DALI drivers
  • DALI-2 controller
  • DALI-2 input modules for connecting pushbuttons and switches
  • DALI-2 wireless receiver modules for connecting Enocean battery-free wireless keypads
  • Light and presence sensors, DALI-2 light and motion sensors (DALI-2 sensors, DALI light sensors)
  • DALI-2 actuator modules with 2 relays
  • Lamps with DALI dimmer control.
  • DALI-2 actuator modules with 2 relays for motor control.

Sustainable lighting: The future is now

With Duemmegi’s DUELUX DALI-2 bus system, work and living comfort can be increased in accordance with the new regulations that promote beneficial initiatives such as the so-called HCL (Human Centric Lighting). In fact, providing artificial light always set to the correct temperature allows the circadian cycle to be respected, resulting in greater well-being and productivity for the room occupants. Intelligent lighting solutions offered by Duemmegi enable both the regulation of light intensity (dimming of light fixtures) and the emission of the correct temperature according to the time of day – all automatically. Building sustainability, therefore, is also a result of lighting and its optimization.

Through its expertise in the field of smart lighting and building automation, Duemmegi closely assists engineers and installers in implementing all energy-efficient building projects. For more than 30 years, Duemmegi has been your trusted partner not only with all aspects of light management optimization, but, thanks to its Building Management Systems (BMS), it also provides complete control of all your building automation systems.

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