Duemmegi Home Automation: Your Home Always Under Control

9 January 2024
Smart Home Technologies

Home automation enhances the comfort of home residents while providing the convenience of controlling all systems and automations from a single dashboard, accessible remotely. Equipping a home with a state-of-the-art home automation system requires a supervisor who can manage the lighting and temperature control system, motorizations, video surveillance, intrusion detection system, and other equipment. This results in a smart, sustainable home with low energy consumption, providing utmost comfort for people who live there.

With over 30 years of experience in home and building automation systems, Duemmegi excels in implementing complete, intuitive, and high-level supervisory solutions customized to meet each individual requirement. Our solutions offer a high level of customization and come with 360-degree support, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for our clients.

Smart Home Technologies: Home Automation Solutions from Duemmegi

Owning a smart home means convenience, security, and energy savings. It enables the remote management of indoor and outdoor systems, including lights, air conditioning, video surveillance, burglar alarms, irrigation, gate opening, and much more.

Home automation systems enable automated control and management of different features, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Motorization of shutters, sunscreens, etc.
  • Temperature control using both traditional and renewable energy sources, allowing constant monitoring of temperature levels, humidity, and air quality (CO2 and VOC).
  • Noise levels to address noise pollution.
  • Load control for efficient energy consumption.
  • Burglar alarm system and video surveillance for enhanced security.
  • Irrigation system for smart water management.
  • Integrated audio-video system for an enhanced multimedia experience.

Duemmegi’s home automation solutions provide seamless control over all home systems with the added capability to create highly customized automation scenarios. These scenarios can be programmed to activate at predetermined times or triggered automatically by specific events. For instance, the “breakfast” scenario can initiate a series of user-defined automations at a set time on weekdays or during the weekend.

In addition, a home automation system plays a crucial role in home energy management, especially when renewable energy systems are in place. The home automation system enables the optimization of photovoltaic, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources automatically, without the need for human intervention, ensuring the maximum utilization of these energy sources. The outcome is a sustainable home with reduced environmental impact and optimized, low operating costs. By incorporating green home technologies through home automation systems equipped with a general supervisory system, homes can achieve significant improvements in energy savings.

Smart Home Technologies

Residential Home Automation Systems: Smart and Sustainable Homes and Buildings

Today, home control and automation technologies have become a profitable reality for both individual homes and residential buildings. The key advantage lies in creating comfortable living environments that are highly efficient and customizable to individual parameters.These technologies also lead to sustainable operating costs, optimal utilization of renewable energy sources, and minimization of waste, contributing to a greener and more environmentally-friendly way of living.

A home automation system simplifies home management, making it easy and even enjoyable for homeowners to control everything remotely, with the assistance of a supervisor. Duemmegi’s home automation solutions offer a remote control system for the home. Through smartphones, tablets, and any Internet-connected device, homeowners can intuitively and swiftly control and manage all systems. Additionally, the “Internet of Things for the Home” and other home automation technologies enable commanding and controlling the switching on of home appliances and various other functionalities, further enhancing the convenience and efficiency of smart home living.

In the realm of residential automation, Duemmegi home automation systems offer the ability to manage entire apartment buildings constructed with sustainable principles. At the building level, the following functionalities are achievable:

  • Automated metering and allocation of energy consumption for each individual home, controllable centrally and even remotely.
  • Monitoring and control of the proper functioning of systems and the status of machines.
  • Consumption monitoring.
  • Detection of consumption anomalies, energy blackouts, and malfunctions, with alerts promptly sent to the reception/concierge or maintenance manager for timely intervention.

The outcome is a smarter, environmentally and economically sustainable building management, resulting in reduced waste and heightened comfort for residents. And this can only translate into energy savings and efficiency for the home and the entire residential complex.

Green Home and Sustainable Building: Duemmegi for Residential Communities and Smart Homes

Everything mentioned above about green homes Everything mentioned above about green homes and automated management of consumption from renewable sources for truly sustainable building has already been successfully applied by Duemmegi for quite some time. We have implemented these solutions in many private homes and several state-of-the-art residential communities, aligning with the ongoing green revolution and ecological transition.

Duemmegi’s home automation systems, offering remote control for lights, access, alarms, and optimized management of all systems, have already been installed in various apartments and private villas. These state-of-the-art solutions can be found in locations such as Nice, Florence, Milan, Celle Ligure (Liguria), Porto Cervo (Sardinia), Courmayeur, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Bolzano, Portofino, Monte Carlo, Rome, Naples, Ischia, Taormina, Pavia, and several apartment buildings, showcasing their widespread adoption in diverse settings.

For instance, in the Corte Trastevere condominium in Rome, Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems Contatto and Domino were installed to handle automations in individual homes and, at the condominium level, for common areas with a WEBCON general supervisor, enabling:

  • The management of the seasonal change of the centralized temperature control system (hot/cold).
  • Real-time acquisition of alarms from individual apartments (gas leaks, infiltration, water leaks, intrusion attempts, malfunctions, lack of Internet Connection).
  • Acquisition of alarms from the main cabin switchboard.
  • Monitoring of utility consumption in common areas.
  • Management of light controls in common areas.
  • Management of IP video intercom.

Thanks to the collaborative guidance of designers and installers, homeowners can select the ideal, customized solution to experience their home with ease and comfort. Besides all the benefits that can be attained with home control technologies, Duemmegi’s comprehensive and user-friendly supervisory solutions allow seamless integration of all existing systems, resulting in an exceptional outcome that a basic home automation solution cannot deliver.

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