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30 January 2024
Smart Home - Duemmegi

A smart home is one where electrical and electronic systems seamlessly interact, ensuring optimized energy consumption and consistently comfortable living spaces.

Home automation control provides the means to experience your home in utmost comfort, effortlessly managing various automations while promoting energy efficiency. With Duemmegi’s home automation system, you can always enjoy:

  • Optimized temperature without energy waste
  • Perfect lighting for every moment of the day
  • The highest level of customization and interactive management of all connected systems, heating and cooling, control of loads, windows and doors, and the irrigation system. The highest level of customization and interactive management of all connected systems, heating and cooling, control of loads, windows and doors, and the irrigation system.

Duemmegi Home Automation Solutions: Three Decades of Expertise for the Connected Home

Drawing from over thirty years of experience in automation, Duemmegi cutting-edge smart systems elevate your connected home experience.

Our advanced home automation technology empowers you to control and command your home systems anytime, anywhere. Experience unparalleled comfort without unnecessary waste, coupled with efficiency, convenience, and safety. Through seamless integration and customization of systems and functions, Duemmegi enables remote management of all home equipment, including video surveillance, ensuring constant control without limitations of space or time.

La Casa Domotica

Duemmegi's smart home solutions offer a range of features to enhance your living experience:

  • Complete Control of Electrical Loads and Lights: The system automates lighting activation based on time slots, motion detection, and user-customized scenarios. Load control allows continuous monitoring of power consumption, preventing disconnections.
  • Management of Home Fixtures and Motorizations: Operate overhead blinds, shutters, awnings, and skylights manually or set automatic controls, even cumulatively.
  • Optimal Room Climate Control: Automatically adjust temperature and humidity year-round. Room-based sensors enable zone-specific adjustments, manageable manually (also remotely), automatically, or in conjunction with specific events.
  • Efficient Irrigation Control: Integrate with a weather station to detect wind and rainfall, optimizing irrigation and avoiding drought, muddy conditions, and water wastage.
  • Consumption Control and Waste Reduction: Monitor daily, monthly, and yearly consumption, optimizing energy savings by programming lighting and temperature control system activation by zones for consistent comfort without unnecessary energy waste.
  • Home Security Always Under Control: Integrate the video surveillance system into Duemmegi’s smart home solutions to ensure top-notch security.
  • Creating Scenarios for a Unique Customer Experience: Duemmegi offers advanced entertainment home automation solutions, allowing the programming of specific scenarios with a simple touch for a personalized and unique experience.

Home Automation: Seamless Connectivity Through Smartphone, Tablet, and Voice Assistant

Crafting a smart home with Duemmegi systems ensures effortless management, seamless navigation between rooms, and interaction with the home automation system from anywhere, anytime. This facilitates remote or local activation of home automation control, utilizing the home automation switches from the Duemmegi line. The graphical interfaces provide comprehensive control of your home automation system:

  • Local Control: Utilize Duemmegi home automation switches featuring touch screen technology and proximity sensors for convenient local control.
  • Remote Access: Access your home automation system remotely via dedicated apps or a customizable web app tailored to each home automation system. This enables remote management and control, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

By employing remote control, you can safeguard the security of your home consistently, particularly when physically distant. Monitor both indoor and outdoor environments using cameras, activate various alarm types like volumetric or planimetric alarms, and keep an eye on children under the care of nannies or pets when the home is empty. Additionally, through remote access, check the status of the anti-theft alarm, trigger predefined scenarios, control automations, and monitor the smart home’s energy consumption on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. This comprehensive remote functionality ensures constant oversight and control over your home’s security and efficiency.

Opting for Duemmegi’s home automation solutions means establishing a smart home that, through the integration and customization of systems and functions, offers immediate savings, enhanced safety, and unparalleled convenience.

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