Energy Efficiency in Infrastructure: Solutions from Duemmegi

3 October 2023
Effective Energy Solutions with Building Automation for Infrastructure

Energy efficiency in infrastructure is a highly relevant issue with regard to environmental sustainability and operating costs in an increasingly anthropized but earth-friendly world. In fact, energy efficiency in infrastructure and public buildings is part of the green transition project supported with funds allocated by the NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan).

Duemmegi’s Building Automation Systems, deployed in infrastructure, enable a high degree of customization and excellent integration of third-party systems, as well as advanced engineering. The result is smart management of the infrastructure itself, greater sustainability, and lower operating costs.

Effective Energy Solutions with Building Automation for Infrastructure: Security and Sustainability

Facilities that can be supported with Building Automation systems include railway stations, airports, marinas, trade fairs and exhibition centers, highway interchanges, tunnels, bridges, interports, television studios, reservoirs, aqueducts, barracks and military bases, prisons, etc.

A Building Automation system managed by a dedicated BMS (Building Management System) allows you to:

  • Manage the lighting and temperature control system.
  • Check electrical distribution, e.g. electrical cabinets, etc.
  • Manage alarms and anomalies of all connected equipment and devices.
  • Manage employee and guest access control, with emphasis on restricted areas.
  • Monitor power consumption to reduce waste.
  • • Manage the video surveillance and unauthorized access detection systems.
  • Manage reservoir flow levels in landfills to avoid spills that can cause environmental damage.

Support for environmental sustainability in infrastructure of all kinds can be implemented with a remotely controlled BMS-managed automation system. A Building Management System (BMS), in the context of Building Automation systems, is a technological system that controls and manages multiple infrastructure functions, both centrally and remotely. Its main purpose is to increase energy efficiency and simplify facility management.

Effective Energy Solutions with Building Automation for Infrastructure

Building Management Systems (BMS) for Infrastructure: Low-Impact Solutions from Duemmegi

As mentioned above, an automation system managed by a dedicated Building Management System (BMS) makes it is possible to optimize energy costs and lower infrastructure operating costs. This allows users to be in line with the green revolution and ecological transition. Energy efficiency solutions, combined with the control and monitoring of energy consumption, enable infrastructure to become increasingly green and sustainable.

With over 30 years of experience, Duemmegi has implemented Building Automation systems for infrastructure of all kinds. This experience allows us to develop tailor-made solutions and highly customizable automated systems to meet every requirement.

Duemmegi solutions already successfully manage various infrastructures including: the International Broadcasting Centre – Centralized VAR “Video Assistant Refree” Room in Lissone (MB),managed by the DUELUX DALI-2 system; the Principe Amedeo Gallery in Rome (management of lighting and technical alarms); several railway tunnels and many stations of the Trenord and RFI lines (monitoring of electrical systems, control of technical equipment and lighting.

This is performed remotely from a control room, while the switchboards and technology equipment are integrated into the BMS); the Milan Rogoredo railway junction (technical alarm management and electrical distribution monitoring); the U.S. military base Camp Del Din (formerly Dal Molin) in Vicenza, Italy (highly structured 58-hectare infrastructure with offices, housing, health care and educational facilities for a total of 28 buildings); the Valmadrera (LC) incinerator, the Mirandola (MO) landfill, the Rio Marsiglia (GE) waste disposal site; multi-story parking lots such as Milan Piazza Meda and Monza Piazza Trento and Trieste; and the parking areas of Malpensa Terminal 1 (parking capacity monitoring with traffic light signaling using CONTATTO system, fire detection supervision, smoke detection unit for multi-storey underground parking lots, lighting management with DALI system – dimmable digital lighting – to ensure consumption optimization and energy saving); the penitentiaries in Bergamo,in Busto Arsizio (VA) and in Forli (DOMINO system for detention cell domotics).

Duemmegi can also implement Building Automation systems for infrastructure such as waterworks, marinas (docking stations with dedicated electricity and water consumption meters), spa facilities and water parks, and for the management of artificial snow systems and night lighting of ski slopes. Third-party systems, such as video surveillance and unauthorized access detection systems, can also be integrated into the Duemmegi BMS.

The areas of automation systems where BMS can be applied for infrastructure are endless Duemmegi can deliver highly customized solutions to meet every need. With Duemmegi, customers can leverage Building Automation to ensure better performance in terms of infrastructure power consumption, security, and sustainability, all backed by comprehensive support services.

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