Energy Efficiency in Sports Facilities and NRRP Funds: Our Solutions

6 September 2023
Energy conservation and efficiency of sports facilities

Sports facilities are energy-intensive buildings. Therefore, controlling energy costs is a crucial goal for these structures. Energy efficiency in sports centers is a relevant issue that encompasses all types of facilities, from large national complexes to community gyms Currently, there are numerous initiatives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of sports facilities at all levels, with support from funds allocated by the NRRP – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – to promote ecological and energy transition.

With over thirty years of experience in Building Automation systems, Duemmegi can offer advanced energy-saving solutions for sports facilities, with the goal of achieving green, low-impact sports venues with sustainable consumption and reduced waste.

Building Automation for Sports Facilities: Duemmegi Solutions for Sustainable Sports

Energy conservation and efficiency of sports facilities are the two pivotal concepts behind the solutions offered by Duemmegi. The design of energy-efficient sports facilities and the efficiency upgrading of existing facilities at all levels allow for immediate and long-term benefits that make structures competitive, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

With Duemmegi’s Building Automation solutions and sports facility Supervisory and Control systems, clients can improve energy savings in sports facilities.

To access funding provided by the NRRP for sports facilities, the design and construction work must comply with new CAM (Criteri ambientali minini, Minimum Environmental Criteria), which came into effect in December of 2022. These criteria require the sports facility to have a lighting control system, a temperature control management system, as well as an energy monitoring system. Duemmegi systems allow the design of new facilities and the upgrading of existing ones according to the latest CAM, enabling the energy certification of sports facilities, the potential certification of eco-sustainability, and access to NRRP funding.

Duemmegi’s DUELUX DALI-2, CONTATTO, and DOMINO solutions, along with a dedicated Building Management System (BMS), support the following:

  • Manage lighting
  • Recall specific scenarios (“training scenario,” “match scenario”, etc.) and choreography at special events and sports competitions.
  • Control any motorized devices (windows and domes).
  • Control the temperature regulating system to ensure proper comfort for athletes and the public and reduce waste when the facility is not in use (based on the different areas: playing fields, locker rooms, offices).).
  • Monitor all consumption (electricity, gas, domestic hot water, heating and cooling).
  • Control access (remotely) in high-attendance sports facilities and self-operated facilities.

Duemmegi’s solutions are fully customizable to ensure tailor-made outcomes based on the specific efficiency needs of each individual sports facility and its users.

Energy conservation and efficiency of sports facilities

Reducing Energy Waste in Sports Facilities with WEBCON BMS and Duemmegi Solutions

Duemmegi can provide cost-effective and energy-saving solutions for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

We have successfully implemented automation solutions in various sports facilities, including the Monza Racetrack, San Siro Stadium in Milan, Bentegodi Stadium in Verona, Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Pala Bigi in Reggio Emilia, Pala Hodegart in Asiago, Capannelle Racecourse in Rome, Vinovo Racecourse (TO), and the night lighting of the ski slopes in Monte Bondone (TN), among many other facilities.

However, Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems are not limited to managing national-level sports facilities where sports competitions take place. The solutions are customizable and ideal for local-level sports facilities as well, such as municipal buildings, gyms in school buildings, etc. In the case of municipal facilities, the Technical Office and the maintenance team, through the WEBCON BMS, can remotely access the control of all equipment, with real-time alerts to facilitate maintenance intervention and the mitigation of malfunctions.

A Building Management System (BMS), within the context of Building Automation for sports facilities, is a technological system that centrally controls and manages the various functions of the structure. Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems, designed for the specific needs of sports facilities, can be intuitively and quickly controlled by all operators and managers using touch screens, tablets, PCs, both locally and remotely.

The use of a Building Automation system controlled by a BMS allows sports facilities of all levels to:

  • Reduce energy waste
  • Monitor consumption
  • Ensure safety and security (by integrating video surveillance and intrusion detection into the Duemmegi BMS and controlling the operation of technological systems, with real-time notifications in case of malfunctions or failures).

For energy savings and efficiency of sports facilities, Duemmegi can offer all-around solutions for the automation and complete management of any type of facility, both at national and local levels. By leveraging automation, it is possible to achieve a consumption reduction of up to 30%, which can even reach 50% in the case of swimming facilities. (Data based on RT/2017/40/ENEA).

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