Green Logistics: Competitive and Sustainable with Duemmegi

21 August 2023
Logistica e magazzini automatici

In recent years, logistics have become a highly relevant topic in Italy and abroad. It has been estimated that this trend, primarily driven by the growth of online sales, will continue to rise for the next 2-4 years Taking immediate action to become as environmentally sustainable as possible is one of the first steps in achieving a green logistics system capable of gaining an extremely competitive position in the market.

It is clear how logistics and sustainability are closely intertwined within this continuously expanding scenario. Each aspect of logistics facilities, including the warehouse, offices, and locker rooms, are subject to energy certification. Furthermore, there is a growing trend towards obtaining eco-sustainability certification, which ensures efficiency in consumption, safety measures, waste reduction, and minimal environmental impact. The implementation of green logistics today requires the use of advanced energy-saving technologies, a high level of automation, and the use of Supervisory and Control Systems.

Duemmegi, with more than 30 years of experience in building automation systems for logistics, can provide solutions for the design of energy-efficient warehouses equipped with BMS (Building Management System).

Logistics and Automated Warehouses: Duemmegi Solutions for Ensuring Efficiency and Sustainability

Duemmegi’s Building Automation solutions for sustainable logistics enable the control of all equipment in a facility, such as the warehouse area, the office area, and locker rooms, via a dedicated BMS. This allows logistics operations to enhance energy efficiency leading to a high level of Energy Certification and the required Environmental Sustainability Certification, such as LEED Gold or Platinum, BREAM, and more. Such initiatives promote the ecological and energy transition within the sector, a crucialaction supported by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)..

Within this context, Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems, powered by the dedicated WEBCON BMS, provide logistics operations with:

  • Lighting control, either with the DUELUX DALI-2 system (digital dimmable lighting) or with the CONTATTO system (with DALI gateway)
  • Monitoring of energy consumption (specifically electricity). The continuous monitoring of energy consumption trends enables energy managers to take immediate action to optimize energy consumption.
  • Monitoring of water and gas usage for more sustainable logistics. Monitoring is achieved with special meters provided in the CONTATO system, called MODCNT Meter Modules.
  • Monitoring of air quality through the use of dedicated sensors to measure carbon dioxide in the environment. If the system detects poor air quality or excessively high CO2 levels, it can trigger visual/acoustic alarms and automatically initiate air changes (such as opening domes or adjusting UTAs)
  • Monitoring of the smoke detection center.
  • Control of all technological systems (UPS, generators, CPSS, UTAs, chillers, boilers, heat pumps, rooftops, etc.) with the CONTATTO system
  • HVAC control in the office area.

Control of all logistics equipment is possible (including remotely) by using the BMS (Building Management System), which brings together all the installed systems in a single command and control dashboard. To ensure security, Duemmegi’s system seamlessly integrates the customer’s chosen video surveillance and intrusion detection systems into the BMS, enabling 24-hour monitoring capabilities.

Lastly, when it comes to the wiring of logistics facilities equipped with busbars, the DUELUX DALI-2 system often becomes the preferred choice over the commonly used CONTATTO system. This is due to the fact that busbars already have two dedicated wires for DALI protocol communication. In this case, it is an advantage to use the DUELUX DALI-2 system by connecting lighting units equipped with DALI drivers and DALI-2 sensors directly to the busbar, thus greatly optimizing installation time and cost.

Logistica e magazzini automatici

Reducing Waste in Warehouses/Logistics: Duemmegi's WEBCON BMS, the All-in-One Solution for Green Logistics

In the world of logistics, both domestically and internationally, Duemmegi is highly regarded for its ability to optimize energy consumption and ensure true environmental sustainability. This is possible thanks to over thirty years of experience in developing Building Automation systems, along with the versatile and customizable WEBCON BMS supervisor. This allows Duemmegi to offer tailored solutions for every need, aiming to make energy consumption within logistics increasingly efficient and sustainable.

A Building Management System (BMS) within the sphere of Building Automation for green logistics is a technological system that centrally controls and manages various functions of the infrastructure. Its primary purpose is to optimize energy efficiency, reduce waste, and simplify facility management. Duemmegi’s Building Automation systems, designed for the specific needs of logistics facilities, can be intuitively and quickly controlled by operators and managers using touch screens, tablets, PCs, and other devices both locally and remotely.

Duemmegi solutions, therefore, enable the integration of energy consumption monitoring within logistics operations, which contributes to a significant reduction in energy waste.

Lastly, thanks to its network of technical and commercial support, Duemmegi is always available to the entire supply chain, providing tailor-made BMS solutions and customized automation systems for logistics that are truly sustainable, efficient, and competitive in the market.

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