HCL (Human Centric Lighting) & driver DALI DT8. Smart Lighting

20 June 2023
L'illuminazione centrata sull'essere umano

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting approach designed to improve people’s well-being and productivity by taking into account their biological and emotional needs as they relate to light. In the scientific community, it is now well known how light affects the human body (as well as animals and plants) and how it can affect the circadian rhythm.

Human Centric Lighting systems can be implemented by using various technologies, such as LED lamps with intensity and color temperature control, dynamic lighting systems, or automatic control systems based on sensors that detect environmental conditions. Some advanced systems also use algorithms and software to simulate changes in natural light throughout the day, mixing natural and artificial lighting in the workplace automatically.

Duemmegi’s DALI-2-certified DUELUX system enables the implementation of an effective Human Centric Lighting (HCL) environment, thanks to the DALI-2 DLCP controller and dimmable lighting fixtures equipped with DALI DT8 LED drivers.

Duemmegi's DUELUX DALI-2: Cutting-Edge Technology for an Effective HCL System

Duemmegi’s DALI-2-certified DUELUX system allows for an optimized room lighting system that can be easily managed remotely, providing engineers and installers, and most importantly those who live and work in the building, with all the benefits of HCL in all manner of applications.

HCL replicates the characteristics of natural light through the use of artificial lighting systems, thus providing multiple benefits. By adjusting the intensity and color temperature of light according to the different phases of the day, the circadian cycle can be recreated, ensuring increased well-being, concentration and productivity of people living and working in the environment. Artificially recreating the circadian cycle through a Lighting Automation System is particularly important:

  • In indoor lighting solutions and work areas not exposed to natural light sources (warehouses, laboratories, offices, classrooms, etc.)
  • In livestock farms, to ensure animal welfare and increase productivity (estimated up to 15% higher than farms with traditional artificial lighting)
  • In greenhouses, to promote proper crop growth, especially in the absence or lack of a natural light supply.

DALI DT8: Precise and Advanced Control of Light Sources for Human Centric Lighting Systems

The Lighting Automation systems offered by Duemmegi’s DUELUX portfolio also enable the efficient and high-performance management of DALI LED drivers with the DALI DT8 standard. DALI DT8 is a type of DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) control, a communication standard used for digital control of lighting equipment.

Compared to the more widely used but lower performing DT6 standard, DT8 provides a more precise and refined control of color temperature and light source color, supporting independently adjustable white and red, green, blue (RGB) and white (RGBW) color channels, which provides for color mixing to create a wide range of lighting effects. The differences between DT6 and DT8 control systems are crucial to fully understand the evolution of this digital light control standard. From a practical point of view, DALI DT8 saves time, labor, and space.

In fact, DALI DT8 uses a single DALI address to manage two or more outputs on a DALI DT8 LED driver, significantly reducing the number of addresses. For adjustable white control, DALI DT8 requires only one address, while DALI DT6 requires two addresses.

DT8 drivers are capable of controlling not only adjustable white light sources, but also LED light sources that can produce a wide range of colors. This makes them particularly suitable for all situations where flexibility is required in the Lighting Automation system.

Duemmegi’s DUELUX DALI-2 system can communicate with DALI DT8 drivers, ensuring state-of-the-art HCL lighting solutions.

Advanced lighting automation systems such as those offered by Duemmegi are useful not only in reproducing the circadian cycle, but also in the applications below thanks to RGB and RGBW sources:

  • · Chromotherapy (e.g., in hospitals, nursing homes and delivery rooms for the well-being of newborn babies)
  • · Commercial lighting designed to create light games and scenic effects
  • Lighting of monuments and historic buildings
  • Scenic lighting and reproduction of flags or specific colors on buildings (e.g., in support of humanitarian, national, and international causes, with the aim of stimulating engagement and participation).

With DALI DT8 drivers for HCL applications, a single light fixture can easily be:

  • Dimmed (light output can be adjusted)
  • Adjusted in color temperature (warm white/cool white)
  • Programmed to automatically recreate the circadian cycle
  • Colored to generate scenic effects.

All these functions can be found in the DALI-2 DLCP controller, an integral part of Duemmegi’s DALI-2-certified DUELUX system, as well as the entire family of DUELUX products.

In a Lighting Automation system such as those offered by Duemmegi, the DALI-2 controller is a key component that manages and coordinates the operation of the system’s light sources, sensors, and other devices. It plays a key role in providing precise and flexible control of lighting, thus meeting the specific environmental and user needs.

The controller is an essential element in the intelligent management and automation of lighting since it controls:

  • Artificial light sources
  • Natural lighting
  • Data collection and report generation
  • DALI DT6 and DT8 drivers
  • DALI-2 LED drivers for emergency lights

With over thirty years of experience, Duemmegi carefully designs and manufactures lighting systems for:

  • Operating rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories
  • School buildings
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Auditoriums
  • Research centers
  • Livestock farms and greenhouses
  • Architectural systems
  • Scenographic installations

All systems are customizable to suit the client’s needs.

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