Simple and intuitive Smart Home systems built to last

17 May 2024
sistemi domotici semplici e intuitivi

The installation of the Duemmegi home automation system is extremely simple and designed for all those installers who do not code. In fact, it’s more about guided configuration than programming, without the need to write lines of code.

When configuring a Duemmegi home automation system on the back-end, it’s only necessary to identify the connected utilities (lights and motors), rename them, and assign each one the task to perform. As the installer configures on the client side, the user interface is automatically generated, which is extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

From a software perspective, in addition to ease of configuration, Duemmegi home automation systems allow for a high degree of customization and the creation of infinite scenarios by integrating various third-party systems. All of this, managed by the end-user through the front-end of the application, enables environments to be extremely comfortable and tailored to the needs of those who inhabit them.

Stop to complex programming with the Duemmegi application

Duemmegi’s over three decades of experience alongside installers has led to develop high-performance products that are simple to install, without requiring a complex programming system for operators.

The DFAPP Gateway (Home Supervisor Module) makes it possible to configure Duemmegi’s Domino modules through a simplified application. Here, all steps are guided, making it nearly impossible to generate errors that could disrupt the system or render any configured modules inefficient.

The simplified Duemmegi application is gaining significant traction among independent installers because:

  • It simplifies the system configuration process.
  • It eliminates the need for knowledge of programming code.
  • It provides specific commands in the back-end for configuring all modules without limitations.
  • It offers a wide range of customizable combinations (temperature control, time scheduling, various automations, scenario creation, etc.).

Therefore, there is no need to have specialized personnel in home automation programming to complete the configuration and deliver the system to the customer.

Smart Home on the Construction Site without Network: Simple Configuration Thanks to Onboard Wi-Fi

The presence of the DFAPP gateway module with Integrated Access Point generates the so-called Onboard Wi-Fi, which allows configuration even in the absence of a local internet network. This makes the system extremely flexible and suitable for being set up even on-site at construction sites.

Indeed, Duemmegi’s advanced DFAPP home automation technology addresses the issue of lack of data network when configuring on-site, as it doesn’t require a cable connected to a wall device during setup. The gateway, equipped with an integrated access point, allows for all operations necessary for the full functionality of the home automation system, even in wireless mode. All that’s needed is a common device such as a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

In wireless mode, you can proceed directly to:

  • Inventorying utilities for initial electrical verification and pre-programming.
  • Defining the logic to be executed (always assisted by the application to avoid configuration errors).
  • Completing the final configuration without the need for specialized personnel in home automation programming.

The application is capable of programming all modules of the Duemmegi Domino system, without differentiation between assisted programming (configuration) or classic via dedicated software.

sistemi domotici semplici e intuitivi

DFAPP & Home Automation: The User-Friendly Solution for Home Automation Management

Our hardware device allows for controlling the home automation system both locally and remotely: simply connect the DFAPP Gateway to immediately communicate with the modules that make up the home. This also enables a smart home control via the app, in a simple and intuitive manner, for both installers and end-users.

Simply access the internet and enter your login and password to remotely manage and command both the home automation functions and components from other brands present in the house.

Comfort, safety, and optimization of energy consumption in the spaces will always be at your smartphone’s fingertips, no matter where you are in the world.

Duemmegi: Systems Built to Last Over Time Thanks to Backward Compatibility of all the Modules

No planned obsolescence for Duemmegi components. Our company has been designing home automation systems built to last for over thirty years. It’s sufficient to change the gateway module to update the entire system, bringing it in line with the latest technologies and the needs of the end user who will be using it.

Thanks to the backward compatibility of components dating back to 1990, there will be no need for a major overhaul of the system, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Duemmegi always guarantees system backward compatibility, mitigating the risk of obsolescence. . This is one of the advantages of choosing the Duemmegi Domino system for home and non-residential building automation, as entire product ranges will not become obsolete and require complete replacement.

Currently, in non-residential buildings, our company is involved in several relamping interventions for systems from the early 2000s, simply by replacing the supervisor to achieve a modern, efficient system that complies with current regulations.

In the private sector as well, the component backward compatibility guaranteed by Duemmegi is a significant advantage for the customer, both in terms of expanding the home automation system and in the case of a comprehensive renovation of the spaces.

Domino Samrt Home System: Scalable and Designed to be Implemented Over Time in Any Environment

Technologies change, as do regulations or customer needs. Duemmegi’s Domino home automation systems are scalable, starting from a basic kit and expanding to multi-protocol servers capable of interfacing with third-party systems (intrusion detection systems, temperature control systems, appliances with onboard Wi-Fi, etc.). This makes Duemmegi home automation highly flexible and capable of evolving over time, with a high degree of customization.

We invest annually in new technologies and constantly develop new features that can be implemented in older modules through firmware updates, which are provided free of charge by Duemmegi upon request from the installer.

We have the capability to create mobile applications for the Domino System, allowing for the development of various types of multi-interface mobile applications. Our servers are capable of using multiple applications simultaneously, each customized to meet the individual user’s needs.

We design and manufacture home automation systems with modules that are 100% Made in Italy. With over 3 million products sold, 80,000 projects completed, and only 0.1% warranty repairs in the last 6 years, we provide residential and non-residential customers seeking innovation with reliable technology, competent and continuously trained personnel, and customizable products built to last.

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