Sustainable Shopping Malls: Duemmegi solutions

17 October 2023
Sustainable Shopping Malls: Duemmegi solutions

Duemmegi offers Building Automation systems tailored to the unique needs of shopping malls and large-scale retail chains, providing effective solutions to meet the requirements of these commercial facilities. These systems are designed to optimize energy consumption and operational costs while offering intuitive control for operators and energy managers through touch screens, tablets, and PCs. This control extends to both local and remote access, ensuring convenience and efficiency. As a result, the buildings become safer, more efficient, and more comfortable for all users.

In the context of the growing importance of sustainability in shopping malls, particularly with the rise in energy prices, the role of Building Management Systems (BMS) becomes increasingly significant.

A Building Management System is a technological solution that enables the centralized control and management of various functions within one or multiple buildings. Its primary objective is to optimize energy efficiency, enhance the comfort of customers and workers, and streamline facility management.

With over 30 years of expertise in building automation and BMS systems for shopping malls, Duemmegi has emerged as a leader in the large-scale retail trade (GDO) sector. The company stands out by providing highly customized and tailored BMS solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

Local and Remote Supervisory Solution for Shopping Malls: the tailor-made BMS from Duemmegi

With the Duemmegi BMS, all systems in a shopping mall, chain of supermarkets, and the associated warehouses/basement parking lots can be controlled from both a PC and a mobile phone through a dedicated interface. This allows for convenient and efficient management of the following features from a single centralized control dashboard:

  • Control and operation of the facilities and all installed technological equipment, including the detection of faults and anomalies. Additionally, allows for monitoring and regulation of fuel levels of generator sets and motor pumps, water levels firefighting storage tanks, and the control of multi-storey parking lots and other technological equipment. These features are accompanied by a high level of customization to cater to specific needs and requirements.
  • Management of temperature control.
  • Consumption monitoring to improve energy efficiency, through accurate consumption analysis of all equipment installed.
  • Control and optimization of lighting, focusing not only on efficiency but also on implementing marketing-supportive lighting solutions that enhance the user experience with pleasant and attractive features (such as RGB, chromotherapy, and scenic effects).
  • Control of the power grid’s efficiency, which is particularly crucial in supermarkets to prevent cold room malfunctions and interruptions in the cold chain.
  • Water leak detection: The system leverages innovative artificial intelligence algorithms to proactively inform the operator about any consumption anomalies and promptly detect and report leaks through technical alarm management.
  • Optimal management of alternative energy sources (electric charging stations, photovoltaic system, geothermal energy, etc.).
  • Increased security (access control, integration with existing video surveillance and intrusion detection systems).

All these functions, which can be controlled via the BMS, are designed to enhance the comfort of the mall’s customers and employees while simultaneously providing energy optimization and substantial reduction in operating costs.

The BMS serves as an excellent and comprehensive supervisory and management solution for HVAC equipment (environmental temperature control). It is an open and flexible system capable of seamlessly integrating and supervising all existing systems within the mall, supermarket, or shopping arcade.

The Duemmegi BMS offers the opportunity to optimize energy resources in a centralized manner, providing a single control dashboard even for an entire chain of supermarkets spread over a large area. It is a crucial and advantageous opportunity to achieve energy savings, sustainable operating costs, and enhanced customer comfort simultaneously.

Sustainable Shopping Malls: Duemmegi solutions

Supervisory and Control System (BMS) for Shopping Malls: Duemmegi at the Forefront of Energy Consumption Containment

One of the primary objectives of modern-day shopping malls is to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort and marketing appeal. This goal can be effectively achieved through BMS-equipped Building Automation Systems, specially designed for shopping malls, like the solutions offered by Duemmegi.

Optimizing a number of functions for a shopping center can result in:

  • Strong reduction in operating costs, estimated to be up to 50% (Data estimated by EN 15232), for lighting and temperature control systems.
  • Ease of equipment expansion, allowing for the addition of new features as new building needs arise.
  • Lower installation and wiring costs.

Duemmegi has already successfully implemented Building Automation solutions with BMS for Tecnomat (Bricoman) Italia, Decathlon Italia, GDO Iper Italia, Mediaworld, Despar, Eurospar, Interspar, Famila, Emisfero, Cash and Carry, Coop and numerous other chains.

Shopping malls, shopping arcades, supermarket chains, and large retail buildings can be transformed into optimized smart buildings with appropriately set up systems that allow for remote control. Thanks to Duemmegi’s tailor-made solutions, these buildings will experience immediate improvements in efficiency and safety.

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