System for Lighting Automation DUELUX DALI-2

28 February 2023
Sistema di Lighting Automation DUELUX DALI-2

DUELUX DALI-2 Bus System: Keeping your facility under control

Automation without total control is nothing. Designing or installing a Lighting Automation system is not just about creating automation. Most importantly, it means having your entire facility under control at all times. Everywhere.

Duemmegi’s DUELUX system ensures that your automation equipment is continuously supervised and controlled, either on-site or remotely. Indeed, to control lighting with Duemmegi’s DALI-2 DUELUX system all you need is a simple smartphone, tablet or PC. These network-connected devices allow you to:

  • Supervise the system
  • Control the system
  • Control individual light fixtures or lighting groups.
  • Know the status, hours and minutes of operation of each lamp
  • Plan predictive maintenance activity. Predictive maintenance is a type of preventive maintenance based on big data. Sensors applied to assets allow for continuous monitoring and generating the data to be processed using appropriate mathematical models. The purpose is to take action well before a failure occurs and to make sure the system is always running at its maximum efficiency.

Duemmegi’s DUELUX system based on the DALI-2 standard for Lighting Automation also gives you the ability to control self-powered emergency lamps, provided they are compatible with the DALI-2 standard. This additional benefit ensures not only maximum efficiency, but also the highest level of safety for the entire structure.

DALI lamps: optimum comfort, maximum performance

Duemmegi’s DUELUX system not only provides a smart, safe, and state-of-the-art lighting system. It also enables the creation of an automated artificial-lighting environment people-oriented.

The latest regulations on work and living comfort, in fact, promote right-minded initiatives such as so-called Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Based on the circadian rhythm and the appropriate heat temperature of the lamps, positive effects on well-being and productivity of those living in these environments are achieved. The ability to automatically adjust artificial light sources (warm light and cold light) according to the time of day is part of the smart lighting solutions offered by Duemmegi. Working and living comfort is thereby guaranteed at the highest level. These solutions are particularly useful in the design or redevelopment of non-residential buildings, such as offices, schools, universities, industrial facilities, warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, research centers, etc., the environments in which the entire production process takes place and where workers live for several hours a day.

Soluzione illuminazione intelligente

DALI-2 - Smart lighting made simple. Always

Designing a smart lighting solution is easy, efficient and cost-effective with Duemmegi and the DALI-2 certified DUELUX bus system.

The DALI protocol for LED lighting applications is the right solution if you’re looking to implement an efficient and professional digital lighting control system. The acronym DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. This is a non-proprietary international standard developed in the late 1990s specifically for lighting.

The DALI protocol, upgraded to DALI-2, simplifies the structure of a Lighting Automation system, making the design process more streamlined and its installation significantly more cost-effective. That’s why DALI-2 is the optimal solution for the design and implementation of Lighting Automation systems in non-residential buildings and for lighting management in the common areas of residential buildings.

A smart lighting system based on the DALI-2 protocol allows for a streamlined system architecture with quick installation. A single 2-wire bus allows you to connect:

  • Light fixtures with DALI-2 drivers (also DALI in the case of the DUELUX System).
  • DALI-2 Controller.
  • Input modules for connecting push buttons and switches.
  •  DALI-2 wireless receiver modules to connect Enocean wireless and battery-free switches.
  •  DALI-2 brightness, presence, light and motion sensors (DALI-2 sensor, DALI light sensors).
  • 2 relays DALI-2 actuator modules.
  • Lamps with DALI dimmer control.

More than 30 years helping engineers design smart lighting systems

With more than 30 years of experience, Duemmegi can assist engineers and installers using DALI lighting control systems with 100% Made in Italy solutions All solutions are highly customizable to always meet the needs of clients. Thanks to Duemmegi technology, lighting fixtures become “configurable” devices. This allows digital control of lighting and the possibility of enriching a simple device, such as a lighting fixture, with various functionalities.

Duemmegi’s DALI-2 DUELUX system, besides being cost-effective, is quick to install and can be integrated with a building automation system. This will result in a complete BMS for the control of all building systems, with an efficient and less expensive architecture than a traditional building automation system. A major asset not only in the design of new buildings, but also for upgrading and improving the energy efficiency of existing facilities.

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