We are pleased to share our experience in implementing an advanced control system for the prestigious Castel Beseno. The project involved the deployment of a comprehensive management system, entrusted to the renowned Contatto Duemmegi system, significantly enhancing the efficiency and security of the structures.

Key Features of the System:

  1. Intelligent Lighting: The Contatto Duemmegi system flawlessly manages the castle’s lighting, both ordinary and RGBW for scenic facade illumination. This advanced solution allows for the creation of captivating atmospheres while ensuring precise and efficient control of energy consumption.

  2. Environmental Control: Temperature and humidity in the premises are critical parameters for the preservation of historical heritage. The Contatto Duemmegi system not only continuously monitors these factors but also calculates the dew point, ensuring optimal conditions for the preservation and enjoyment of the artworks within the castle.

  3. Integrated Supervision System: The core of the system is Webcon, an advanced supervisory system that consolidates various functionalities. In addition to lighting, temperature control, and alarms, Webcon integrates the CCTV system, intrusion detection system, fire detection system, and energy control for lighting. This integration provides a holistic and centralized view of operations, facilitating real-time management and response to critical situations.

  4. Accurate Consumption Tracking: The system provides detailed tracking of energy consumption, enabling precise resource management and contributing to greater environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to the Castel Beseno project reflects our dedication to providing advanced and customized technological solutions for the preservation of historical heritage and the creation of safe and efficient environments.

For further information about our solutions and projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are proud to have been an integral part of this extraordinary project.