UNIFARCO SPA, Leading Company that has as customers, but also as partners, pharmacists and three brands: Preparatory Pharmacists for dermocosmetics, hygiene and nutraceuticals, Unifarco Biomedical for medical devices and dermocosmetics and finally Dolomia for make-up and cosmetics.

There are 4 Contatto bus systems, respectively 3 for the Plant and Laboratories and 1 connected via radio link for the external building. A 5th Contatto bus system is about to be installed in another external building. The BMS carried out by our WEBCON Supervisior manages the electrical loads of lighting, thermoregulation, curtain automation and other electrical loads; it monitors the consumption of electricity, gas, calories on the CTs, and the energy production of the photovoltaic system. Through dedicated graphic pages it is possible to check a whole series of parameters related to the operation of the various buildings, with real-time vision, data recording and data achivation. The plant is interfaced with third parties systems such as Johnson Controls, anti-intrusion system and a Notifier safety system to supervise the various thermoregulation, anti-intrusion and fire systems. In addition to all the controls, data storage and energy monitoring functions listed above, the system also acquires a certain number of company technical alarms (more or less critical) and sends them to dedicated company mobile phones 24/7.