The VAR Center for the italian Major Football League and second division is hosted at the International Broadcasting Center (IBC). The structure was strongly desired by the FIGC and Major Football League and allows all the referees assigned to the VAR to be brought together in one place for matches in the major or junior leagues.

VAR stands for “Video Assistant Referee” and is a match official, with independent access to match footage, who may assist the referee only in the event of a ‘clear and obvious error’ or ‘serious missed incident’ in relation to ” Goal/no goal” or “Penalty/no penalty”.

All 17 Serie A stadiums are connected to the VAR Center in Lissone, in a structure built in four months in which over 250 km of cables were laid and in which 30 people work permanently, with peaks of 80 on matchdays . There are 8 VAR Rooms dedicated to referees for Major League and 4 for second division. From a television point of view, at the IBC the League comments on the matches in Italian, English and Arabic, also creating different content such as 11 different highlight formats, always in Italian, English and Arabic, with all the contents produced available to the clubs and leagues.

Duemmegi contributed to the creation of the new VAR Center by supplying its DALI-2 DUELUX Lighting Automation system  for its lighting management.

In particular, the system consists of:

– 10 DLCP | Control Unit | DALI-2

– 68 DL4PB | 4 ch pushbuttons interface | DALI-2

– 1 Web Server WEBCON PI Strato