Real estate initiative of the BNP Paribas group to convert an office building into two different realities:

1- Residential Complex

2- Business Center (offices)


Housing units

Residential complex consisting of 68 flats equipped with Duemmegi’s Domino system for Smart Homes.

In all the apartments, lighting, temperature control and anti-intrusion system are managed. Each unit is also equipped with a DFH supervisor for the integration and management of Galletti fan coil system and Ksenia anti-intrusion control unit. In conclusion, the user is able to interact with its home locally via a touch screen and remotely via any kind of smartphone or tablet.

Condominium and common areas

The common areas in this condo are managed by Duemmegi’s Contatto system for Building Automation.

A general supervisor (WEBCON) installed in the building manages:

– the change of season of the clima unit (with the possibility via link to enter the supervisor expressly dedicated to SAUTER)

– acquires technological alarms that might come from the apartments

– acquires the alarms that might come from the general medium-voltage switchboard

– monitors the consumption of the utilities of the common areas and manages

– controls the lights of the common areas


The business center consists of 8 floors of offices where 6 different Contatto systems manage the automatic regulation of the lights (DALI), collect the consumption of the utilities and the alarms that might come from the general medium-voltage switchboard.

A general supervisor (WEBCON) represent the user interface to manage all the Contatto systems, as well as the point of integration of the following systems:

SAUTER: collection of main alarms coming from the heating system (including a link to enter a supervisor expressly dedicated to SAUTER)

DEF: display of fire control panel sector status

DAIKIN: VRV (Variant Refrigerant Volume) air conditioning system with planimetric display of each machine and its operating parameters

ELMO: alarm systems of each floor

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